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The Ultimate Bedside Digital Alarm Clock & Bluetooth Speaker. This Rise & Play is a versatile marvel set to redefine your morning rituals and enhance your downtime. Available in a choice of vibrant Yellow, Orange, and Purple hues, this compact, sleek, and modern design seamlessly fuses functionality with style.

With three distinctive alarm modes, this colourful Rise & Play ensures you wake up on time, every time. Select the wake-up method that aligns with your rhythm, instilling confidence and punctuality to kick-start your day. Adjust the digital LED clock face effortlessly by toggling between 24 or 12-hour time formats. ​Tailor your bedroom’s ambiance with Rise & Play’s three-level adjustable brightness. Whether opting for a gentle glow or a crisp display, this clock adapts to your preferences, creating a soothing, personalised atmosphere.

You can also stay organised with appointment tracking and stay informed about your indoor environment with the optional date and room temperature display, offering ultimate convenience for your bustling lifestyle.

Finally, the Rise & Play can also act as your personal DJ. Easily connect any Bluetooth-enabled device and immerse yourself in your favourite tunes or radio stations. Experience music in a new light and let the world’s melodies awaken your senses.

Rise & Play is not only excels in function but also exudes incredible aesthetics. Its compact, sleek, and modern design seamlessly integrates into your bedroom decor, commanding attention with its contemporary elegance while delivering an array of features for your everyday convenience.

  • Bluetooth Speaker  
  • Digital LED Clock Display 24 or 12-hour time formats 
  • 3 Alarm Modes  
  • Date and Room Temperature Display  
  • Adjustable Brightness Modes
  • 3 Retro Orange, Purple & Yellow
  • Attractive Gift Box Type Packaging
  • Dimensions 12 x 9 x 5 (cm)


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Orange And Purple Rise & Play Bluetooth Speaker & Alarm Clock

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This Rise & Play is a Bluetooth speaker & alarm clock, ensuring you get off to a great start every morning – available in 3 vibrant colours.